Why Neville’s reaction to Salah’s goal was so over-the-top

Casemiro Let go Marcus Rashford during the final minutes during the match. Nick Pope was then brought to the bench. Fred missed Rashford’s chance to score when he handed over his ball to him. This was a fair summary of the fun factor of the game. Rashford stood a good chance to score a point-blank header at the end of added time, but he missed it. Ronaldo grabbed the ball and scored. It happened the week Salah got a hat trick in Champions League against Rangers.

1. What was the verdict of the football match between Liverpool with Manchester City?

Liverpool And Manchester City drew 1-1 in the match. Gary Neville was impressed with Mo Salah’s goal, calling it “mesmerising”.

2. How did the Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah score the winning goal in the game against Manchester City?

Gary Neville ran out of praises for Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah after the Egyptian scored the winning goal in the match against Manchester City. Salah picked up the ball on the right-hand side and made a cut to the front, before firing at a low angle past Ederson to score the City goal. This goal was a spectacular performance by Salah and made sure that Liverpool remain at the top of the Premier League table. Neville expressed his praise for Salah at the end of the match by calling him “mesmerising”.

Quick Summary

Mohamed Salah scored a late goal to give Liverpool the lead in a 1-0 game against Manchester City at Anfield on Sunday night. Liverpool is currently second in Premier League, along with Arsenal. City remains in third position, three points behind Arsenal.

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