What Terry Fontenot’s Ranking Means for the Saints

Terry Fontenot has earned his place among the PFN’s Top 24 NFL General Managers. It was not with out controversy. Some analysts have praised the work he has done so far and others wait for results from the field.

Terry Fontenot ranked 24th on PFN’s list for the best general managers of the NFL

Terry Fontenot, who is the second time the Falcons’ GM is a “patient and competent general manager.” His experience in helping develop talented players has made him the key factor in Atlanta’s growth. The Falcons are part of a highly competitive NFC South with the New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Miami Dolphins. The Falcons are unlikely to contend for the NFC South without a franchise quarterback.

The position of general manager is one of the toughest job roles in the NFL. The general manager is the primary decision maker in personnel and have one goal in the back of your mind: to increase the quality of your roster. Making the right choices every offseason is the best way to reach that goal. The stock of your company can rise if you have a long-term of high quality purchases. An unlucky sequence of deals could send your stock plummeting.

He stayed home during Hurricane Rita in 2005

In normal circumstances, Terry Fontenot and his family will travel home to Lake Charles for Thanksgiving every year. This year however, the hurricanes hit so hard that Fontenot had to stay in his home during the 2005 hurricane Rita. He and his family that came from all over the United States, are frustrated and have to cope with the stress and insanity of living in the middle of the city. The Fontenots regardless of the problems of living in a flood-prone city, have a strong desire to support their family. The Fontenots are also anxious over how much it’ll be to live in the area.

Terry isn’t a particularly emotional person, but Terry felt that he had to support his community. In the aftermath of his home being damaged by floods, he knew he wanted to make a difference. When they were staying in an hotel the wife of his guest came to meet them and shared the severity of their losses. The man was also told about family members who are living in tents. He was astonished and asked lots of questions. After the season, he took a job at Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta Falcons. This summer, he and his family spent 48 days living in Lake Charles.

He was the first GM

As a first-time GM, Terry Fontenot is faced with a multitude of challenges. A poor roster and weak offensive line are among the Falcons their weaknesses. Also, the secondary has become an issue. The Falcons also have to work on their backfield and receivers. The Falcons finished the season 7-10 with an average of -159 points in their playoff games. It’s difficult to believe that this team can be so much better this year. An excellent draft selection will be essential in building an elite team.

Fontenot spent time getting acquainted with his new employees. He brought in scouts 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the season and they were kept for two weeks. They even worked at home on their projects. He wants everyone to be all on the same page.

Deion Jones has presented a constant challenge for him.

The Atlanta Falcons are in a unusual position because they have two players who are free on their hands, Julius Jones and Gerald Foye. The former is a limited available free agent who could be a great option for the team. Foye is an effective defensive player and passer, but the Falcons have better interior run defense alternatives. Foye’s connection with Fontenot may also be an possibility for the Falcons.

The coach acknowledged the difficulty and noted the coach was aware that Jones has struggled to make tackles. Jones has failed to tackle at an average rate and his missed tackle rate is the 4th highest of the NFL. Though he was thought to be a classic off-ball linebacker years ago, Jones has regressed into an issue in the eyes of Pees.

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