The Top 5 Smart TVs to Buy in September 2022

In the event of purchasing an updated smart TV the latest models are not only the ones available out there. Also, you should consider price, HDR compatibility and refresh rates. Hopefully, you’ll be able to discover a brand new model that meets your specifications.


We’ll be seeing a lot of HDR-compatible smart TVs available on the market in the coming several years. Let’s look over our current options before we look forward to what’s coming. The latest LG G2 OLED is available in four sizes and is the latest LG model in the Gallery Series. The design is intended to mimic an art installation, it does away with the stand, pedestal, and feet that are typically offered with other televisions.

Another great option is the LG G1. It features a 75-inch, 4K-enabled display that supports HDR10 as well as HLG and Dolby Vision. Additionally, it comes with Google Assistant compatibility, four HDMI ports as well as Google Assistant compatibility. It’s a great value for cinephiles, costing nearly $1,500 lower than OLED-based counterparts.

Refresh rates

Refresh rates are the amount of frames per second displayed on the TV screen. Higher refresh rates help make pictures more fluid and reduce flickering. Modern models made by Samsung come with 120Hz refresh rates. But older models might only support 60Hz rates. The option to change between 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rates to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Samsung 32 inch LED TV is equipped with a 60 Hz refresh rate. It sports a matte black surface and comes with two HDMI ports, as well as a USB port. Though it does not have the high-end technology found in higher-end smart TVs, this model is a great choice in gaming. Freesync is a feature that helps to reduce screen tear when playing games on video. The 60Hz refresh rate of the game isn’t great for console gaming, but it’s likely to be enough for many PC gamer.

Color acuity

The latest technology, such as quantum dots, is revolutionizing the method televisions display colors. Smart TVs with this technology can display truer colors and enhance the experiences for people who have poor vision. These improvements are expected to boost color clarity as well as color vibrancy and overall brightness.


Smart TVs are a good option when you’re seeking a solution to enhance the home entertainment system. They have more capabilities such as voice control, streaming and voice command, which can make life much easier. There are a variety of models available starting at just $2,000.

Samsung, LG, and Sony are all available at a variety of pricing and options. A lot of TV makers offer significant discounts. Certain bundles include laser projectors and soundbars which can save you money.

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