The impact of social media on the Brazilian election

You’re now eligible to vote particularly with the Presidential runoff election just around the next corner. The election pits a incumbent who is promising to uphold conservative Christian beliefs against an earlier president who pledged to return the nation to a prosperous future. With so much at stake It’s crucial that anyone that is entitled to vote participates. It is important to be aware of where you can vote and what identification you’re required to carry with you. You can request an absentee vote in the event that you’re unable to make it to voting location on the day of election. You can always request an absentee ballot regardless of the party your vote goes for.

1. What traditional Christian values is the incumbent vowing to uphold?

As the world watches Brazil voting in the down-to-wire Bolsonaro-Lula battle, the incumbent is promising to defend the conservative Christian values. It means he’s determined to protect the family unit as it is in opposition to abortion, as well as promoting religious education in the schools, in addition to other issues. These values are important for a lot of Brazilian citizens who are a part of the Brazilian population, and Bolsonaro hopes that his adherence to these values will aid him in winning this election.

2. Was the ex-president promising to bring the country back to its former self?

Luiz Ignaco Lula da Silva was the Brazilian president, and promises to return prosperity and economic growth. In the past few weeks, Lula da Silva is gaining popularity in polls based on the idea of social and economic justice. But his primary opponent, Jair Bolsonaro, is growing in popularity and the race is anticipated to be close. Bolsonaro is a popularist with right-wing roots, campaigned with the premise of law and ordered and is now gaining support by those who’ve had enough of the problems in the country. There is no consensus on who will take the lead in the moment.

3. What is it that makes Lula the favourite to take home the title?

Lula The former president of Brazil is the most likely candidate to be the winner of Brazil’s presidential election this Sunday. A right-wing contender Jair Bolsonaro is facing him. Lula has been leading in polls in the past couple of weeks. Lula is considered the favourite due to the support from the Brazilian population and is the most experienced candidate. He served as the in office for two terms and is widely respected for his efforts in boosting the country’s economy as well as lifting millions of people from poverty. Bolsonaro is on the contrary an extremist politician, who has been accused of being homophobic, racist and homophobic and. Bolsonaro’s divisive rhetoric has split the Brazilian people and he has been accused of inciting violence.

Quick Summary

Bolsonaro’s vision for Brazil’s future is distinct from Lula. Bolsonaro is the president of the far right who is vowing to safeguard conservative Christian values. Lula is the leftist former president who promises to bring Brazil on a path that is one of growth and social justice. The vote will determine if Brazil remains on the same direction of extremist politics, or returns to a leftist system of government.

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