Saturday Night Live alum Chris Redd reportedly dating Kenya Duke

Chris Redds’ Wife Claim They are dating Kenan Thompson’s Ex-wife. Chris Redds divorced from his wife in the last few months. The wife claims that she came across Redds as they were studying at the same university and that they started dating after breaking up with their previous partner. She asserts that she has evidence to prove that the pair have been seeing each with each other for some time and they’re engaged.

Who are the wives who have been claimed?

According to the woman that she was Kenan Thompson’s wife. She claims that she was denied the same chance to seek the possibility of a reconciliation with Redds after their split as well as claiming that the former spouse did not help her when they went through the divorce process. Redds claimed, she says was unresponsive to her following their split and treated her poor when they finally met in the years following.

What exactly is the Claim Situation

The claim situation for this claims would be one where the woman is claiming on behalf of herself and only Claimant 2, in the sense that it is the case if there was no third actor in the case (the spouse who was the ex). It should be noted however while this may legally be true however, it might not occur due to the legal difficulties that could arise in such cases.

What is the Story Behind the Claim?

It is believed that the claim was made in informal channels. It’s still not known when or how this occurred. There is a possibility that the claim may have been made to obtain any kind of financial restitution from Redds because he in the past refused to let her to see him or communicate with him.

How can you define the Claim?

Chris Redds’ ex-wife filed suit against him, claiming that he still lives with his wife , and that he is in a relationship with her. They divorced in the month of April. According to the claims the former wife was aware of the situation after she received the email of Redds dated May 1, 2016 in which he wrote “I’m still with my ex-wife – it’s been six months since we divorced and we’re still on good relationship.” Redds affirms that he’s not left his home since the divorce, and is still seeing his ex-wife even though they are no longer married. You will have to take particular steps to ensure your divorce is as easy and seamless as is possible. Some of these requirements include:-Continue being together for at least six months after separation, annulment, or divorce (in most instances this will mean the case if you live apart).-Receiving the annulment or separation order (a document that allows a marriage to dissolve).


Chris Redd’s wife claims that Chris Redd is dating Kenan Thompson’s ex wife. This is based on the fact that Chris and Kenan Thompson split in the year 2009. After that, Chris has been seeing Kenan Thompson on occasion. According to the Claim Situation states that the couple got married in an civil ceremony. However, they afterward divorced. This could be complicated by family issues and legal issues. It’s likely Chris and the woman remain friends, but are not engaged in a formal relationship.

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