When traveling with your Xbox Series X, it’s important to be mindful when packing it. Fortunately, there are a variety of travel cases available on the market that can keep your console safe and secure during transit.
For instance, UPSpec Gaming has designed an xScreen portable screen that transforms your Xbox into a fully functioning PC. That eliminates the need to carry around an enormous monitor or worry about running out of battery while away from home.
1. Packing
If you’re searching for a travel-friendly gaming console, the Xbox Series S is an excellent option. It’s smaller and lighter than the PlayStation 5 and can easily fit into a suitcase.
The Series S is an ideal option for anyone wanting to experience the current-gen Xbox experience without breaking the bank. To maximize its potential, consider investing in a $250 monitor that attaches to it and turns it into a portable 1080p laptop.
Upspec Gaming offers the xScreen, designed to take advantage of the size of an Xbox Series S console and turn it into a portable entertainment hub. While designed for this model, it works with any model and costs $250.
2. Connecting
The Xbox Series S is one of Microsoft’s most convenient travel consoles. Its sleek design allows it to fit into a suitcase without taking up too much room, making it the ideal gaming machine for holidays and business trips alike.
It’s also an impressive gaming console, boasting a powerful CPU, 512GB SSD and ergonomic wireless controller. Furthermore, the Series S takes advantage of cloud gaming features in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that let you play select games on any device with an internet connection.
If you want the most out of your Xbox Series S while traveling, consider investing in a portable HDMI monitor. They are lightweight and convenient to transport, plus they come with their own power cable for convenience.
3. Check-In
Checking in may not be at the top of your list, but it’s essential if you want your gaming devices to remain functional during your trip – especially those like Xbox One which require a power cord for proper operation.
A quality power cord can protect your gaming consoles from costly damage if it happens. If traveling within the US, be aware of any restrictions regarding carrying your console on board, such as TSA’s recent ban on gaming laptops.
Finally, be sure to double-check your luggage before departing for your destination and upon arrival. Doing this will guarantee all devices and accessories are with you along with any bags you might have forgotten about. Hopefully these tips will make traveling enjoyable and stress-free – good luck! The next time you’re out sightseeing, take time out of it to check off off those must-see attractions in the city where your destination lies.
4. Disconnecting
Before traveling with your Xbox series s, it is essential to disconnect from your home network. Doing so allows the console to start fresh and reset all connections.
If your Xbox is having trouble connecting wirelessly, it could be due to other devices on your network causing interference. Examples include wireless headsets, speakers and smart home gadgets.
Your router could also be too far away from your console or you may have a firewall blocking Microsoft from communicating with the Xbox.
If possible, try moving your console and router closer together if possible. If that doesn’t help, you may need to adjust your router’s network settings. This is more complex than simply changing the network name and password; however, it could mean the difference between an uninterrupted gaming session and a frustrating slog.

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