Dushanbe: A City of Beauty and Chaos

While Monday might seem to be an ordinary day during the week with stunning mountains, it is a perfect combination of glacial lakes creates an entirely different ambience. The capital city of Tajikistan and also the biggest city, Dushanbe, is a country of outstanding natural beauty. Dushanbe’s name translates to “Monday” (Persian). The city was named after its historical Monday market. The region has more to offer than just the recollections of its former provincial times. The country has one of the most stunning high-altitude landscapes on the planet, and more than a % of it rising above clouds.

Dushanbe is considered to be the capital city of Tajikistan located in stunning landscapes and stunning natural beauty. Its “roof” in Tajikistan is that offers a view of some stunning mountains in the former USSR. Dushanbe is an area that has made great strides. It was originally an agricultural town located in Central Asia, but it was later transformed into the capital in the Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

The explosive growth in industry in Dushane was the result of the civil war in the Soviet Union as well as the conflict between civil and military forces in Tajikistan. The country started to recover and grow over time. Rustami Emomali led Dushane to a steady recovery over the last five years, putting it on the top of travellers lists. Dushane is an excellent combination of contemporary vision as well as traditional architecture and design. Hyatt is one of the most prestigious luxury hotel chains, has invested into the area. The future of the area is looking bright.

One of Tajikistan’s top attractions are The Hissar Citadel located just km away from Dushanbe. Tourists can explore the rebuilt part of the citadel that includes 6 km of walls fortified with baking-earth, which is crumbling as well as the remains of the 20th century’s early years. The residents of Dushanbe are eager to show their progress all of the world.

The magnificent Palace of Nations is located close to the Ismoli Somoni statue. It is the first Tajik State settlement of Alexander the Great. The main attraction of the city is more impressive. In the days leading up to the celebrations of Independence Day in the country The President, Emomali Rahmon presented the Maidoni Istiqlol (or Independence Square) an official monument. The square is a total of hectares and has central, northern as well as southern gate.

The structure, which sits magnificently at the highest point of the city has a beautiful pool with ornamental decorations. In the pools, visitors can find an abundance of ancient objects. Museum of the Complex has collections that go back to the Stone Age. The exhibit includes an axe as well as an image of the Greek god Dionysus and an earring for women that appears like an Sphinx. In order to symbolize the freedom of Tajikistan and the rebirth of its country the statue of that of the Tajik rulers. The statue was made out of wood and then covered with gold.

In the summary

The Maidoni Istiqlol, a magnificent public memorial that embodies the strength and resilience of the Tajik people, has come to an end. The monument serves as an ode to the nation’s founding fathers and an opportunity to reflect on the rich past of Tajikistan. The square, with its central, northern and southern gates, also serves as an emblem of the country’s openness and dedication to stability and peace.

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