CultureCon NYC 2022 Street Style Stars

CultureCon NYC is a global festival that celebrates the variety of culture and connects people close. The event will be held in New York City from October 18-20. It will be a showcase for sponsors, partners and celebrities who will be attending. Additionally, JET magazine will be present to record the action.

CultureCon NYC 2022: Celebrities Are Among the Guests

CultureCon NYC was held from October 3 to 8, 2018. It featured exclusive films, workshops, and networking events. The panel featured big-name speakers like Taraji P. Shenson, Lena Waithe and Tracee Ellis Ros. Kendrick Sampson as well as Meagan Good also attended. Tabitha Brown was another presenter.


CultureCon NYC 2022 sponsors provide financial support by sponsoring workshops, speakers, and items. The event also features the creativity of influential cultural creators of various sectors. Brands like Instagram, Audible, TikTok and Pinterest have a commitment to providing creators the tools and the support they require to make a difference. The majority of them will offer workshops to attendees. Foot Locker Atlanta and Grey Goose Essences are both sponsors.


HBOMax produced CultureCon NYC A celebration and appreciation of Black and POC creators and the culture. There were exclusive screenings and sessions as well networking opportunities. In addition, with an array of high-powered speakers and panelists it was a chance to network with visionaries who share the same vision.

JET magazine

CultureCon NYC 2022 was a weeklong gathering of creatives and tastemakers that brought together people who are changing the world. Guests had the opportunity to listen to advice from actors and performers, such as Lena Waithe, Tracee Ellis Ross as well as Taraji P. Henson. Here’s some advice on how to be a part of this week’s event.


CultureCon NYC brings together artists and media personalities to debate and explore the state of culture today and in the near future. The attendees will be able to participate in screenings and panels throughout three days. Major sponsors include HBO Max, Cash App We The Culture, and Cash App. TikTok as well as Nike Yardrunners are also major sponsors. Lena Waithe and Taraji P. Shenson are on those on the panel. Tracee Ellis Ros is as well. Terrence J., Lexi Underwood and Winston Duke are other notable speakers.

Cash App

You need to create a Cash App account to participate in this contest. CultureCon NYC 2022 Cash App Giveaway. You must then agree to all the terms and conditions including indemnities of the sponsor and the limitations on remedy. This giveaway is made possible by the Creative Collective NYC.

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